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2015 Unique High Neck Made Sheath Open Back Beaded Evening Dress

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Posted By on January 15, 2015

2015 Unique High Neck Made Sheath Open Back Beaded Evening Dress

Who was small and exquisite, suitable for high waist, yarn surface, the waist dress discount, to modify figure scale. What needs to be done

A little bit fat people wear evening dress

Quantity to avoid body skirt is too loose, skirt is placed below the knee. Rotator cuff design should also avoid too exaggeration; Upper body can change more, waist line suggest using V micro small waist is designed, in order to increase long feeling.

Figure elders – natural clothes rack, you can try on any style of dress, especially in packets on pendulum in fishtail wedding dress can show body more.

Body fat – suitable for straight line cutting, it is slim. Appropriate chooses thinner plane lace lace flower, do not choose high collar styles; On the waist, the skirt design should try to avoid heavy and complicated.

Skin dress

Evening dress

White: can choose pink color dress, avoid too heavy color, such as bright red, black velvet or you will not be harmony.

Dark health: can choose bright color department to match a healthy image and foil color. Should avoid to choose pink dress, otherwise will be a dark complexion.

Yellow color: color of skin slants yellow can make a person feel look poor, might as well choose the color in the middle of the dress. Unless it is face good dress should avoid to choose too heavy and complicated.


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Wedding gown and wedding car picures
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