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How to choose Bridesmaid Dresses color and style

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Posted By on October 9, 2017

How to choose Bridesmaid Dresses color and style

How to choose Bridesmaid Dresses color and style

The whole wedding should be the bride and groom, bridesmaid dress color should be carefully selected
At the wedding, the bridesmaid dress color is better than the bride dress slightly lighter, the color is mainly warm tone.
Do not wear pure white dress debut, so as not to avoid distracting. Bridesmaid dresses are slightly lighter than brides, and the wedding style is uniform.
For the table festive, you can add some red accessories, such as red skirt, red belt or a small area of red in clothing. can also wear some of the red warm colors, such as light pink, yellow and so on.
During the day to participate in formal wedding banquet, clothing more use monochrome, pay attention to the body do not appear too many colors, otherwise give people frivolous feeling.
It’s best not to wear black to the wedding, especially the black fishnet socks.
Know the color, we have to do some article on the style
1 bridesmaid dresses are designed to be more concise than the bride’s. The dress style is between the evening dress and the casual dress, do not choose the long haul, so too grand, can focus on the small dress.
2 Dress to low-key dignified, not too exposed, otherwise will rob the bride’s thunder, also will let the presence of the elders unhappy.
3 to avoid clothing too orthodox or too casual, you can add fashion elements in the details. If it is wearing a fashionable lace lace suit jacket, coat inside with an alternative small sling, bright, with beads, multicolored splicing, sexy stomacher can.
4 Bridesmaid’s skirt should not be too short, so as not to escape outdoor activities, and the occasion does not match.


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