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Do you need anything to prepare for the Chinese dress in the store?

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Posted By on September 30, 2017

Some guests have decided to try to lose weight or gain weight after they have ordered the clothes, but the process line has been made according to her size. Usually, in this case, the garment will appear in the process of revision and revision. When this happens, if the size changes to aliasing, then two costs will be generated. Once the size has changed, the manufacturing process has returned to the point where the customer has to ask the customer to try it again and again, and the repeated attempts and modifications may be more and more distant from her initial request.

What do I need to prepare for the store test?

What do I need to prepare for the store test?

According to some senior custom studio experience, some male customers will reduce by 20 pounds, girls reduce almost one to two yards. The body fitted dress, whether it is western style or Chinese style, the clothes must be guaranteed to wear on people’s balance, but also have to live with the strength, and if guests cut two yards down, clothes will fall.
In the Chinese clothing, with embroidery patterns, and these patterns are embroidery and need to appear in the specified location, in this case, if the guest lost needs revision, not only changed the flowers, other position. This situation will be very far fetched, far fetched, the effect must be affected.
As for accessories, some stores offer cheaper jewelry for the guests’ reference during the trial run. But usually the guests can choose to wear their own in the mall to buy expensive jewelry at weddings, or they have used, especially meaningful things — such as some have a sense of Chinese has a significance of accessories. So when you try makeup, accessories don’t have to match the costume.


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Wedding gown and wedding car picures
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