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Chinese wedding dress of cheongsam selection strategy

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Posted By on October 3, 2017

In the pursuit of Western wedding dresses in many people. Chinese wedding, the Chinese wedding dress has been quietly rising. Many of the hottest stars are married, wearing Chinese-style dresses! Both beautiful and graceful, but also heritage of traditional Chinese culture. Here are some tips for choosing a Chinese cheongsam for the bride-to-be.

Chinese wedding dress of cheongsam selection strategy

Chinese wedding dress of cheongsam selection strategy

The color selection of Qipao
Big red is very festive color, is the most common color of bridal cheongsam, suitable for all brides to wear. Rosy roses are suitable for young and fair-skinned brides, rose-red and complexion-matched, making the bride look young and pretty. Deep red is suitable for stable educated women. White suitable temperament on the good, quiet beauty of the girl, with some elegant flowers embroidery, let the Bride classic elegant beauty more prominent. Golden yellow and orange color suitable for the skin good bride, for the Red Bride, this is a good choice.
The style of qipao and the figure of the bride
A bride who is too skinny is not quite fit to wear a qipao. Large size fit to wear an X-style cheongsam, this style can be too plump hips to cover the effect. Lively and dynamic style of the bride is also suitable for wearing x, so that the bride’s standing row can be more comfortable. A better bride with shapely legs will look sexier and more charming if it wears a cheongsam on both sides.
Hair and hair Ornaments
Traditional hairstyle is usually to put the hair up, but the new era of women should not be stuck in the past, you can choose the pan-head, but also can consider not pan-head, more fashionable hairstyle can be selected. In addition, no matter what kind of hairstyle, are applied some hair ornaments, hair ornaments color to be paired with good, as far as possible to choose small exquisite hair ornaments, after all, cheongsam is the main aspect. With fewer hair, the bride who can’t afford a haircut will have to exaggerate her hairstyle.


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Wedding gown and wedding car picures
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