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Different styles of wedding dress are applicable to what occasion?

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Posted By on September 27, 2017

Different styles of wedding dress are applicable to what occasion?

Classic and atmosphere styles for wedding occasions. The bride wedding choice or split up the dress, the main ceremony usually also use such works. Traditional Chinese wedding dresses must be wrapped (with an inclusive shape), relatively conservative, strong sense of ceremony, serious and formal style.
In the toast, the use of Chinese artistic elements and cheongsam dress will be more, this is the standard for selection of clothes where the bride walking and toast, in addition, exquisite dress is also very suitable for close-up viewing. However, the size of the wedding is also an important consideration, because some of the wedding is small, only four or five tables. In this very small and private occasion, it is possible that the bride will choose the cheongsam as the main dress, and wear a cheongsam as well. Many wedding may have been in her husband’s family and her parents both do, so that a smaller cheongsam is enough.
In addition, generally speaking, the bride had two camps in the choice of clothing in the family, parents, colleagues more occasions, often need is a serious point to dress; but if it is a very young party type wedding, the bride can choose into innovations in the design works.
How to judge whether the Chinese dress suits you?
(a back side opening long dress)
If the guest is only a custom of Chinese dress plans, advanced customization studio will recommend guests like a selection of works in a classic, this is because this type of work is not only the atmosphere rich sense of ritual, but also is the collection value and appreciation space is relatively large.


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Wedding gown and wedding car picures
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