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How to choose a flower boy dress, don’t forget the little angel at the wedding

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Posted By on November 12, 2017

Cute Little Flower child as a small angel who makes laughter at our wedding scene, for a bride who has no experience as a mother, how to choose a floral gown becomes a very difficult problem. Don’t worry, take a look at the public comments on the network small series of some suggestions.

flower boy dress

flower boy dress

1. Clothes don’t need to fit.
The choice of flower children’s clothes and the choice of wedding dress and bridesmaid clothing, wedding dress general request can perfectly outline the bride’s curve, fit is the most important factor. But on the little Flower boy, you don’t have to have too much scruples about it. A loose silk dress is an excellent choice and does not have to worry too much about the length of the skirt. As for the little Flower boy, it doesn’t matter if the skirt is slightly longer and the ground is on. Of course, the length of the ankle may be acceptable as long as the ballet skirt.
2, choose the big one number of clothes
This is not difficult to understand, because floret children are still in the long period of the body, it is very likely that when you choose the clothes they wear a fitting, to the wedding day will be smaller! But don’t worry too much. Pick a dress that is a bit bigger.
3, do not need to spend time to spend Donglai try clothes
Before you book a Flower boy’s costume, you don’t have to ask the little Flower boy to try the clothes to fit in. If your wedding time is now very tense, this link really can be omitted. The bride can help the flower children choose their own clothes, and then the child wearing the size to tell the planner on the line, you may also be able to buy directly online, how convenient. However, if you still want to look at the little Flower Boy’s posture before booking a costume, you can also let them try, by the way, the size of the question resolution.
4, choose the prevailing color
What is the color of the most popular Dong clothes today? The answer is ivory white. Add a little red and maybe a green ornament. But if you have already chosen color for your wedding (the wedding colors to be common), you can pick a belt of this color to echo. Other popular floral Dong are colored with champagne and contrasting soft colours such as light pink and light blue.
5. Ask the little Flower boy for advice
In general, the plan to add a little gauze to the skirt (princess skirt) is most popular with the Little Flower boys. Think about it, floret children in the wedding day will be in the eyes of the world in front of you, if you give her her favorite clothes, her embodiment will make you satisfied. You can ask a little flower boy’s opinion, perhaps she wants to wear the same clothes as you! And just in time to find the same trumpet for your wedding dress, you can fantasize about the way you played on the day of your marriage.
6, the best do not have no shoulder strap clothing
Perhaps the best thing for you is to pick out the neckline for your little Flower boy. So they will be more comfortable to wear, and they can prevent accidents from being emptied.
7. Price
The price must be well accounted for.


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Wedding gown and wedding car picures
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