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Groom’s wedding suit and shirt matching skills

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Posted By on November 11, 2017

Do not think the wedding only bridal dress collocation to pay attention to, the same groom’s dress is also very elegant. The groom’s dress and shirt are all complementary and mutually matched. Whether it’s in the wedding or at the scene, the groom’s suit is a banner, not only represents a person’s internal self-cultivation, but also embodies a person’s aesthetic, the shirt embodies a man’s demeanor. Xiao Bian today for you to sum up some of the groom wedding dress collocation guide, to hold the wedding of the prospective groom to come and watch it.

Groom's wedding suit and shirt matching skills

Groom’s wedding suit and shirt matching skills

First, the shirt should be clearly divided. When you wear a suit or dress for a formal occasion, should choose to wear type of shirt; In the formal occasion of clothing such as the suit, the shirt should choose the inner-wearing shirt; if the shirt is only worn as a coat, it is a good choice to wear outside or inside and outside.
Second, the formal occasions wear a white shirt or a lighter color of the shirt, with a dark suit and tie more appropriate, appears to be more solemn.
Third, shirt sleeves than the sleeves of the suit grow a centimeter or so, because this can not only reflect the level of clothing, but also to maintain the cleaning of the cuffs of the suit.
Four, when the shirt and tie wear together, you must put the collar, cuff buttons all buckle, so as to show the man’s taste.
Five, shirt collar to plug into a finger width of the surplus appropriate. Neck slender people avoid neckline too big too loose, give a weak feeling, no man’s masculinity.
Six, not tie wearing a suit, the shirt collar of a button can not be deducted, and the button elsewhere to all buckle, otherwise it will appear groom no self-cultivation dare not practice.
Seven, wear a suit, the hem of the shirt to remember not to casually on the outside of the suit trousers, so that people have no taste, very sloppy, on the contrary will show the special spirit of people, full of self-confidence.
Eight, in the selection of shirts should try to wear hem with curved lines, so that even tuck into the trousers will not be very uncomfortable, and western trousers hips more flat and beautiful.
The groom wears a suit shirt to match is essential, now small plait for you to sum up these tips you don’t have to worry about. Congratulations to the prospective bride and groom to have a happy marriage, hold the hand of the son, and the son. Want to see something more exciting? Then come and pay attention to our public comments on Internet cafes.


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