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How do you wear a dress? Notes on wearing a halter dress

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Posted By on November 16, 2017

Have a sexy waist nest and the beautiful back of the bride friends, you do not want to be married on this special day to show their good figure? The back of the wedding dress can be just right to reveal the place you want to show, will make people seem to think it is imagination!

How do you wear a dress? Notes on wearing a halter dress

How do you wear a dress? Notes on wearing a halter dress

1. Underwear
Generally speaking of the backless wedding dress, we immediately think of the question is, what kind of underwear to wear it? About flat-chested perhaps a small-breasted bride, wearing a brooch would probably solve the problem. What about the bride with the big breasts? Be able to pick a dress in the dress and wear a halter.
You can choose the kind of supportive wedding gown, or pick a beautiful bra without a belt.
2. How to get a beautiful picture in the back dress
If you choose the wedding dress contrast common, some of the common planning is concentrated in the back, remember that there must be more photos from the back photos.
You can tell the photographer who took the day before the wedding, and take some pictures from the back.
3. With what hairstyle
Comb the hair all the way to best highlight the role of backless wedding. If you want to make your back a long stretch, you can choose to place your hair high like a ballet dancer.
If you compare the hairstyle of a long hair shawl, it is recommended that you leave a large wavy hairstyle on the side so that your back is not blocked.
4. Jewelry
It’s a good idea to decorate a halter dress with jewelry, and it’s a variety of ways.
The ability to hang the jewels on the back of the neck, or to choose a back chain directly, is a great way to decorate your back. Of course, can also make some beautiful tattoo on the back, perhaps with pearls and gems to foil your beautiful back also excellent. Remember that the shape above must not be too rigidly, just all the action looks good on the line.
5. It’s probably going to be a show.
Dew back wedding dress about how much, to what position is appropriate? This is a major question, it will resolution your wedding dress shape and style. Not all the backless wedding dresses are the same, the same length Oh!
If you have a strong contrast to your back, you can pick a “U” in your back, so your back looks a little narrower. Perhaps the “V” type can also, so that the occlusion of some will be more. However, about the diminutive bride, the direct selection of the back has a flat decal planning of the ceremonial clothes can be, perhaps choose two of the shape of the strap can also. The point is not to have too much fabric and shelter on the back.
Because of the style of the wedding dress many many, so no matter what kind of body you are, can be more than a few different test, and then you have the ability to resolution which you are most suitable.


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