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How to choose the wedding dress according to oneself condition?

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Posted By on September 27, 2017

How to choose the wedding dress according to oneself condition?

1) style
From the body, the thin girl is not suitable for wearing a slim style. Lean body, if decorated with full dress, but will highlight the bride’s gorgeous.
In addition, there are a lot of relatively strong posture of girls think they should wear more spacious dress to decorate, this is not necessarily. As long as the bride is not particularly fat, dressed in a dress that makes her look better, this is because the waist part makes the bride appear slender, and the style of self-cultivation can also lengthen the proportion of the body.
The shapely girl chooses a wide range of faces, and the choice of silhouette can be determined by her own preference.
In the shape of the plate, now most custom shops do the kind of clothing or close to the public aesthetic, most people wear no problem. In addition, if the guests do is full custom styles in the collar, the girl is smaller relatively Petite – collar is narrower and smaller; and the tall girl regardless of her face is wide or her stature is tall, for a little higher, a little larger collar area.
When designing clothes for guests, the shop needs to adjust and scale the clothes on the scale and the position and scale of the pattern so that the clothes fit better. This is very difficult, very test process ability and beauty.
2) color:
In color, people is divided into four seasons color, in dark skinned people, do not have to wear a dark and red, sometimes with brighter colors to be better, such as orange, high brightness red, let the guests looked lively in a bit. And the skin is fair and clear girl, the choice of color is relatively wide.
So, how should a man choose a Chinese wedding dress? Bright red, dark red, purple or red wine is recommended to the bride’s dress collocation, main color. The overall color of the general men’s dress will be a little deeper than the girls, it seems to be more sedate, more dignified, and the girl’s slightly brighter, will be more young and lovely.
If the customer has a special color preferences, designers and customers need to communicate in detail.
In addition, in season, because now everybody in the hotel holds the wedding ceremony, therefore season attribute is not very obvious. However, customers who choose clothes in summer tend to choose bright red, while customers who choose in winter tend to be a little deeper in red. This happens to accord with the suggestion of choosing clothes in different seasons. Generally speaking, when the wedding is held in the summer, the deep red is not recommended, and this color for the winter wedding guests are very appropriate.
Therefore, the wedding season and color matching is also the guests need to pay attention to the elements.


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Wedding gown and wedding car picures
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