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How to choose a wedding dress in different size

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Posted By on October 17, 2017

The most important choice of wedding dress is based on individual physique, temperament to choose, followed by color, material, price factors such as consideration. According to their size to choose, you will be able to find the most suitable for their wedding dress! Below, we choose the wedding dress according to the bride’s different body type.

In the whole wedding process, the bride should at least change 2-3 sets of wedding dresses, beautiful and generous wedding dress can be your wedding icing on the cake, a decent dress will let you become a party of the shining point. Whether it is rented or bought wedding dress, first of all, according to the shape of the individual, temperament to choose wedding dress, followed by the color, material, price and other factors considerations.
The right choice can help you modify the body shape, highlight the advantages, and the wrong combination will let your shortcomings exposed, together to find the most suitable for your wedding dress, hoping to choose the wedding dress for the sisters to make a small reference.
1. Curve type
The wedding dress should properly outline your hourglass shape. While any garment trimmed by a trim can highlight your impressive curve, a fish-tail skirt or low waist-back skirt can make your s-line more prominent.
Dressing Tips
1. Use the heart-collar arcs to cater to your natural body curve.
2. Choose a high contrast color decorative belt highlights the waist.
3. Use some exaggerated stereo jacquard to direct the viewer’s gaze to the most petite part of your body.
4. Exaggerated low waist design, lower than the buttocks of the decorations protruding waist and hip lines at the same time more mobile sense.
Modeling Taboo
Low neckline (or any overly exposed clothes, you still hope that the guests should be more than the sight of your face, right?)
2. Pear shape
Choose to cover the buttocks, while protruding natural waist line wedding dress. For example, with the Empire-style high waist line of the doll skirt wedding. Or use a chic collar design, and a large number of decorative corset clothes to focus the eyes of others on your waist above.
Dressing Tips
1. Unique one-shoulder dress allows you to pay more attention to your slender upper body.
2. Use a tight corset and a wide-swinging skirt to highlight your waist.
3. The Empire-style high waist line (raising the waist line below the chest line) helps to lengthen the lower body curve.
4. Multi-fold laminated skirt can also effectively cover the lower body.
Modeling Taboo
A. Low waist line design
B. Ethereal fabric
C. Tights
D. Tail skirt
3, Jiao Small
Suitable for modern tight-fitting design. The frail silhouette will elongate the petite figure. The length of the skirt should be paid special attention to: if it is too long or too short, it will only make you look more pocket. If you feel that the tights are too casual, consider the speaker or a-shaped wedding dress.
Dressing Tips
1. V-neck can make your eyes move down, ignoring your short height.
2. Multilayer skirt pendulum but cannot be too fluffy, can try to cover a thin layer of lace or tulle outside the slender profile.
3. The bodice with V-shaped trim has the effect of lengthening the torso.
4. The skirt shape of the trumpet skirt can make your body more plump and well-proportioned, and the wide-swinging skirt is also your best choice.
Modeling Taboo
A. Multi-layer waist cushion decoration
B. Too many ornaments
C. Super large bow or lap
D. Too many layers of cake skirt


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Wedding gown and wedding car picures
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