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How to judge the choice of wedding dress good or bad?

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Posted By on November 4, 2017

Now with the improvement of people’s living standards a lot of new people like to buy their own wedding dress, but now the quality of the wedding dress market level is uneven, so buy wedding dresses need to judge their wedding dress is good or bad, what kind of wedding dress is the best, their own cost is not worth it. Then and the public comment on the network of Small edited together to see the good or bad wedding.

How to judge the choice of wedding dress good or bad?

How to judge the choice of wedding dress good or bad?

The fabric of wedding dress
Fabric is the most important factor to reflect the quality of the wedding, is the visual senses can be judged. At present, the fabric used in the wedding gown is more than four kinds of satin, yarn, chiffon, taffeta.
Satin: To have a soft luster, bone feel, enough weight and super strength. In this way, whether as a cloth or a face cloth, can be perfect to prop up the shape of the skirt inherent. The weight of the texture will not make the whole wedding looks like a muons feeling, the first eye will reflect the luxury of feeling.
Yarn: The yarn used in the wedding dress is more than net yarn, Eugen yarn, glass yarn several. If there is no special requirements for the wedding dress, general will require light, transparent, soft, slippery feeling. In addition, different types of yarn, the specific requirements are different. such as Eugen Yarn, will be hazy feeling. Glass yarn must be transparent enough, shiny must have enough refraction, and so on.
Chiffon: A good chiffon wedding dress, first of all still want to see his weight and personal softness degree. Chiffon is a lightweight translucent silk or man-made fiber fabric. Most of the light and transparent ones we see are fibers. Silk chiffon is also called Georgette. and used in the wedding industry is more vertical feeling of the silk fabric.
Taffeta: A very simple way of distinguishing taffeta is that it walks the road to the peculiar rattling rattling sound. Taffeta is also a kind of silk, this is a very strong molding fabric, flat, close and a unique Matt luster. The exaggerated way of describing it is that she is the one who does not need a model to stand up.
II. Composition of wedding dress
Wedding dress is not only a layer of the surface, in order to better show the effect of wedding dresses, basic need three layers of cloth, including lining, interlining and face. In order to foil the overall shape of the wedding, a lot of wedding dress will choose to have a sense of support cloth and interlining, such wedding dress is a thicker type.
Some skirts to reflect their own different effects will also increase the number of interlining and face to reflect the lush prosperity of the effect. and the number of layers is even more important for gauze dresses. If the fabric of the wedding gown and the number of layers are up to the requirements, the problem of thin or skirt will not appear. A good wedding gown will use a fully enclosed technique, and the support of multiple fish bones will make the upper body contour look more perfect.


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Wedding gown and wedding car picures
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