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What’s wrong with choosing wedding dress

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Posted By on November 8, 2017

As a bride it must be the day of the wedding to become the most attention of the protagonist, so the bride in the selection of their own wedding dresses will be extra effort, or even spend a lot of manpower and material resources. Choosing a wedding gown is a happy and painful process. The following public comment on the network small series on the choice of the wedding dress of misunderstanding.

What's wrong with choosing wedding dress

What’s wrong with choosing wedding dress

Myth one: The wedding dress must be white
Many people now love Western-style weddings, and think that the traditional Western-style wedding dresses must be white. You really do not need to worry, you can wear not so “white” wedding dress, for example, ivory may be light red. Even if the color is very beautiful wedding dress is also possible, you may wear out of the effect will be exceptionally beautiful.
Myth Two: The more beautiful The wedding dress looks, the more expensive
This is not necessarily, you may be in many magazines on the internet to see a lot of beautiful wedding images, the original style is similar to the wedding dress in the price is very sensitive. You need to know where you’re going to get the wedding dress you want. Here is a small part of the idea is: before the wedding gown must understand how much of the accounting, not in the size of the wedding dress you do not waste time to try to wear. Otherwise, a woman’s talent, if a wedding dress in your body is exceptionally beautiful, you may be a momentary fever to buy down, but greatly beyond your accounting.
Myth Three: You need to know beforehand what kind of wedding dress you want
It’s really not true. Perhaps your beginning of cent really think well what you want and do not want is what kind of wedding dress, but the practice selection of cent, the situation will be much more complex. Example:
1, you see the image of the wedding style and practice of the wedding style may be different, which is what we say “image for reference only” situation;
2, and that is the time you try to wear it may completely overturn your previous ideas, perhaps you think that since the wear of the dress is not beautiful practice of wearing a very good;
3, in short, before choosing the wedding dress, the mind has a about the idea is very good, know what is a favorite, but the real purchase of cent, should adhere to an open mentality.


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Wedding gown and wedding car picures
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