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Notice of bridal wedding dress

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Posted By on November 10, 2017

As the heroine at the wedding, the first step is to choose a dress that suits you. Now there are a lot of new people will choose to make a wedding dress, show their most beautiful side. The following is a look at the public Comment Network Small series introduced bride custom wedding notice matters.

1.the scale price must be careful
Custom-made wedding dress may be a more laborious job, but only once in a lifetime, so new people should pay attention to. Shop, select the merchant with higher credit rating, and the offer is within acceptable size. Scale to be accurate, do not be afraid of trouble, other to determine whether the business is a custom wedding dress conditions, if not satisfied with the processing and improvement. If the merchant mixes the finished wedding dress into custom-made wedding dress, they have no way to offer this service. So it is very important for the new people to pay attention.
2. Choose the style you love and fit yourself
Wedding styles are very many, new people in the selection of style must pay attention to contact their body size to choose the appropriate style. Wedding styles usually include the following: a font (slender feeling), fit type (sense of honor), Priness line type (elegance), canopy skirt type (rich sense of the fish-style, sophisticated experience), and the knee short wedding dress (love feeling). The bride can choose a style that is desirable and suitable for itself, depending on the style and the feelings it gives.
3. The cloth is equally important
The new bride must pay attention to the wedding dress, not outside the beautiful wedding dress must be of good quality. If you want to make your wedding gown a family heirloom, the best choice of silk, this luxurious cloth elegant and dignified, comfortable to wear. But it’s important to remember that wearing silk does not make a pure white effect, because silk always has a little creamy yellow appearance. If you expect the choice of cloth quotes moderate, durable and not wrinkle, then you can think about the selection of polyester fabrics, they are generally characterized by a shiny, relatively inexpensive quotes, but relatively easy to wrinkle.
And the new people can also be based on their favorite selection of satin, yarn, chiffon, lace, silk or other cloth. Satin is the most commonly used wedding cloth. Suitable for the most prominent line sense of a-shaped wedding dress and the fish tail wedding dress, highlighting the rich palace wedding and the big drag-and-tail style of the wedding is also suitable for satin production. The gauze cloth is suitable to heighten the atmosphere the layering style and the Princess type Palace style wedding dress. Silk cloth suitable style concise, stylish sense of a strong straight body or fish tail wedding dress, also suitable for the Greek style straight body wedding dress may be decorated with a simple palace-style wedding dress.


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Wedding gown and wedding car picures
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