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The right wedding dress is the best

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Posted By on October 5, 2017

Each girl has a Princess dream, the Prince rides the White horse to walk, hugs own princess. First of all, introduce the wedding style:
Princess Type: Also known as a-word skirt, is a more classical wedding style. Cut with vertical neat lines, upper body fit, hem gradually wider, suitable for a variety of shapes.

The right wedding dress is the best

The right wedding dress is the best

Peng Skirt Type: upper body, waist tightened, very full skirt, generally with a stereotyped petticoat. Because people have the feeling of the princess, it is also the most popular style.
Intimate wedding dress: A very modern wedding dress, can highlight the posture of the United States. Tailored to the body curve, without a petticoat, the style is very concise. Materials on the selection of a rich vertical sense of silk georgette, crepe silk and so on. The use of narrow pendulum design, or in the lower leg to add the design of fish tail.
High waist style wedding dress: chest fit, a font skirt pendulum, with high waist line, can fully display chest, shoulder lines, while the lower body has very good self-cultivation effect.
Through the female body curve, thin, transparent, dew, mellow, fluent, light, dignified, subtle, obscure and other characteristics of human beauty. Wedding dress in the main styles are: A-shaped wedding dress, straight body wedding dress, the wedding dress, small trailer wedding gown, big drag tail wedding gown, dress wedding dress, even body wedding dress, suspenders wedding dress, stomacher wedding dress, face wedding, bead embroidered wedding, bubble sleeve wedding dress, princess wedding, intimate wedding gown, high waist-style wedding dress.
Although many wedding styles, we choose the time or according to their actual situation, choose the most suitable for their own style.


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Wedding gown and wedding car picures
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