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Which wedding dress can fulfill your princess dream

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Posted By on October 9, 2017

Which wedding dress can fulfill your princess dream

Which wedding dress can fulfill your princess dream

Marriage is a major event in life, in the wedding wearing white gauze to marry their favorite person, is the dream of every woman, when married, the small part of the wedding gown is picked to pick out the eye, the following for you to introduce several wedding styles.
Oriental style
The oriental element has always been a lively topic in the design world, never faded from the runway, but is presented to the world with a new posture. With Oriental amorous feelings, has been the love of Asian Brides, which combines the modern western wedding elements, but also with satin, embroidery, inlaid beads and other Chinese symbols to reflect the different charm. The style is also more for the western and western, tight cheongsam style has been improved, and with concise outline to reflect the graceful oriental women, quite can meet the Asian brides and innate temperament, which has always been the cause of the enduring Oriental wind.
Asymmetrical design of oblique shoulder
From Greece inspired by a shoulder-style wedding dress, often break the balance of the style, exudes charming charm, the art of the sense of the design of the wedding model, the popularity of the heat has not been reduced. Asymmetric design can obviously bring the viewer a playful charm, the bride’s entire shape will become very reiki and dynamic, while the slightest will not reduce the bride’s noble and elegant temperament.
Level of the big tail skirt
This year’s dress, in addition to the shape of the trailer to do a lot of adjustment, in the trailer itself has also spent a lot of thought. Fish scales, princess skirts, folds, and flip-flop, all over the pattern. And the level of good, vertical sense of the great apron, can shape a clear line of three-dimensional modelling, and when the bride from all around slowly, more greedy one eye is her behind the piece of amorous feelings, but also full of the solemn and sacred sense of marriage.


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Wedding gown and wedding car picures
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