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Wedding dress maintenance strategy

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Posted By on October 17, 2017

In fact, most people will be wedding dress in the wedding after the maintenance of the problem, because it carries the wedding beauty. The pride of a girl is a great pity if it is not properly maintained. Then we will come to the specific understanding of how to maintain the wedding tips oh.

Wedding dress maintenance strategy

Wedding dress maintenance strategy

After the wedding gown passes, wash as much as possible in a few days or weeks. If the stain on the wedding dress or other stains residue time is too long, removal will be difficult. Some people check the stain on clothes, found that the stain is not obvious, it is not necessary to wash, but after a period of time, these stains will be aging, discoloration. Food stains can cause discoloration and cause insect erosion, and the sugar stains in soda or alcoholic beverages will turn brown after drying, and it will be difficult to remove them, and sweat stains can make the dress yellow and degrade the fabric, depending on the quality of the wedding dress.
1, wedding dress Repair
Most of the dresses are made of yarn, and the wedding dress will usually attach some beads and flowers, in the wedding process will inevitably hook up to cause the cracking of the wedding and the loose bead, this would seriously affect the wedding dress to the overall sense of the person, so to find a special wedding shop to help repair, so that the life of the wedding can continue.
2, the correct cleaning
After the wedding is repaired, the next step is cleaning. Different from the ordinary clothing, the wedding dress is also very fastidious. In the purchase of wedding dress to ask to know the fabric and cleaning methods, this is essential for the maintenance of the back. In the wedding process, the white wedding will inevitably be contaminated with some stains, if not timely cleaning, a period of time stains easily yellowing, so after the wedding to be in time to get professional cleaning shop cleaning, remember casually to dry cleaning. In the cleaning of the wedding gown must choose the nature of a mild detergent, because the general nature of bleach is too strong, will cause some details of the wedding dress corrosion, wash carefully slowly a little to clear the material. After the wedding, do not dry in the sun, should be put in the cool and ventilated place to dry, and then folded in a cool and dry place, not to put the clothes rack hanging on the way to store, so easy to cause long time hanging dress deformation.8
3, the Wedding dress packaging preservation
After the wedding, do not rush to put it into the closet, first of all the wedding dress by skilled ironing workers hand-care ironing every part of the wedding. After ironing the wedding dress packaging, packaging materials, we do not recommend the use of plastic products to wrap the dress, because it can cause permanent folds and gather moisture, make clothes moldy. White copy paper or color printing fabric is the most ideal packaging material. Note that the wedding dress can not hang up, because over time, the wedding dress will produce vertical force, the skirt stretched or even torn, so folding storage is the most suitable.


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Wedding gown and wedding car picures
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