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Wedding Strategies for fat Brides

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Posted By on November 14, 2017

Some slightly fat bride will be in the choice of the wedding gown is certainly not less worry, small compiled some of the latest sorting out the wedding options.

Wedding Strategies for fat Brides

Wedding Strategies for fat Brides

The method is as follows:
Simple style + Streamline plan is the basic rules of fat bride wedding dress, there is a thin sand neckline plan wedding dress, can modify the lower part of the body, especially the shoulder of the fat, decorative lace is also a brief comparison of the hem plan line flow briefly, avoid onerous dawdle decoration.
Suitable for some fat Bride wedding style:
To concise, generous style, the best choice for straight lines, coupled with the lace plan, hem to have radians, but not too big, in the shoulder sleeve, suitable for low collar style, simplified visual effect, too much decoration will aggravate the visual effect, constitute the feeling of overdoing.
accurately modify arms and shoulders:
Want to decorate the arm and shoulder fat mm must choose a font of wedding dress, data more stiff, more stable color plan. That is, the effect of shielding arm fat, and can modify the meat of the shoulders, in addition, high waist plan can make the waist of the fat is hiding, lengthen the upper body of the share, vertical skirt plan, pull the body shape also can let the bodies highlight the line. Be sure not to test stomacher, backless and short dresses, Stomacher’s wedding dress will only be more exposed to the shoulder and arm defects, and stomacher wedding dress will only make the upper body look more fat.


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Wedding gown and wedding car picures
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